The Guff Network
Product Design & Product Management

The Guff Network reaches 500+ million people, generates over 1.1 billion content views, and garners 200+ million video views per month.

My primary objective was to create a scalable website system that balances UX and monetization needs with the ability to display multiple layouts based on the traffic source and goals. For example, the same piece of content could be displayed as a standard, one-page article / infinite scroll list / full-screen slideshow / or paginated list.

Using modular elements, I created a design system that could be easily adjusted and rearranged so that we could efficiently run A/B tests on layouts while maintaining a consistent look and feel for the user. This allowed for quick iterations and improvements, yielding significant upsides to Guff’s core metrics. Most notably, average time-on-site increased to over 4 minutes (+88%) across the publishing network. Not only has this drastically improved monetization potential on-site, but it has also allowed Guff to acquire more traffic as Facebook openly values time-on-site as a key engagement metric.

Mobile Web Stories
Product Design

I designed a new experience that transforms lists into engaging stories on mobile web, inspired by Instagram and Snapchat with added affordance.

  • Tap or swipe to progress
  • Fullscreen images and gifs
  • Titles, descriptions, and links
  • Suggested content to continue reading

When tested with traffic from Instagram Stories the layout engaged users for over 3 minutes within the app web-view.

Guff’s Proprietary CMS
User Experience

I helped gather requirements, design, test, and iterate optimizations to Guff’s CMS, improving workflow, efficiency, and user satisfaction. The system allowed writers, graphic designers, and editors to work in tandem and monitor progress. I also defined the flow for our traffic team’s acquisition and multivariate advertising tool (not shown).

Branded Content Hub
UX & UI Design

I co-designed Guff's CaaS product "Branded Content Hub" used by Game of War (Machine Zone), Akon, Kelly Rowland, and Hudson Jeans. The product transforms brands into digital publishers using Guff’s proprietary publishing platform and Viral Science methodology ensuring they reach the largest possible audience.

LessThan3's Metadata Panel
UX & UI Design
Live's Interactive Twitter Feed
UX & UI Design
Guff's Corporate Site
Web Design & Branding

View some additional prototype examples here.